Czékmány Vera keramikus iparművész honlapja


Terms at conditions

General terms of conditions

Dear customer!

Thank you for visiting my virtual gallery and the marketplace. Any transaction at the marketplace is only allowed, if you have read and accepted the General terms and Conditions (GTC). You automatically accept the terms while you order.

My contact details are: Name: Czékmány Veronika, Orsolya, Adress and workshop: 7682 Bükkösd, Gorica Street 28, Tax number: 68102889-1-22

You can see all the artwork shown in the marketplace in my workshop. The photographs in the marketplace are for illustration purposes only, the colour may also vary due to fabrication reasons (lighting conditions, adjusting the monitor) and differ slightly from the original.


A registration is not necessary for shopping. The order process goes as follows: You choose an artwork and click on the ‘order’ button, which is located below the photo.

Then you fill out the form which appears with your personal data (preferably mobile phone). It is important that the phone number is correct, because I confirm the orders on that way. The bill is based it too.

Companies have to provide their name and company address. In the comment box you enter your company’s tax number/ tax identification.


The comment box is also used for communication of other information which may simplify the billing or delivery process. If the delivery address differ from the billing address, please give a note, it is important.

Depending on your location you can enter more phone numbers. After you have accepted the terms (click on the little box), please fill out the captcha request. Then click on the ‘Send Order’ button.


Cancellation policy: An already purchased position always can be cancelled by telephone or by writing a declaration of revocation by e-mail.

The system automatically sends the order from the marketplace for your product, so it is not visible to others. With a subsequent change is the selected work of art temporary unavailable. If you are unsure what to choose, give me a call. I will give a consulting service if you wish.

However, for any reason it can happen that you no longer wish to order the selected work of art. In this case, you may cancel your order by phone (in agreement with me or my colleagues) or by sending an e-mail at the same day of your order for free.


Electronic terms



A purchase agreement is formed when the customer clicks on the ‚Submit Order’ in the market place. The purchase is achieved to ataforementioned conditions, and is equatable with a written contract.

The business language between the partners is Hungarian. Resulting contract will be registered by us and saved for three (3) months. The customer data and the electronic contract are available within the mentioned period of time.

When filling out the form, the customer is obligated to accept the terms and conditions. If you do not accept, the purchase is not available. I hereby declare that the entire Checkout data collected is inaccessible for advertising purposes, or similar tasks, it is only used for the purchase process (billing, shipping).



24 months of guarantee are applied for all items sold in the marketplace.

Payment and Delivery

In the market place you will find both net and gross prices for our products in forint. To individuals the gross prices will be valid.  The price on the market place includes a general sales tax; additional shipping charges are based on weight and its destination. The payment is usually handled by C.O.D. service/ payment on delivery. You will get informed about the final price both after the order confirmation and one (1) day before delivery. The courier service is shipping once a week, which is intended to reduce shipping costs.


If you wish a prompt dispatch, please drop a note in the comment box. If this is the case, the shipping will get more expensive. If you wish to pay by bank wire transfer please let me know by giving a call or writing an e-mail before delivery.


If the customer does not accept the artwork on the day of delivery or the artwork is sent back to me, the costumer has to pay an additional charge for unsuccessful delivery, including all further upcoming shipping costs. The prices in the marketplace are without warranty, with exclusion of already bought items.


The shipping is done by C.O.D. service/ payment on delivery service. By take over of the artwork, please ensure that it is not damaged (in presence of the distributor). If it is damaged, you can report the damage and contact me.

Back transport, return, revocation

After formal contract, the customer may cancel same within 8 days unexplained. The customer's right of withdrawal starts from the date of take over. In case of cancellation, the price will be paid back to the customer as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days (after withdrawal). The customer is responsible for the return transport costs, and any additions costs arising. An art work damaged by the customer has to be replaced by the same.

Legal dispute / dispute

Matters, which are not covered by out terms of conditions, apply to the respective civil code. If there should arise problems with artwork made and purchased by Czékmány Veronika Orsolya, which leads to a legal dispute, the Municipal Court of Pécs (Pécs Városi Bíróság) or the District Court of Baranya (Baranya Megyei Bíróság) is the only responsible court.

If you have questions regarding to the terms and conditions, please contact me by phone or e-mail.