Czékmány Vera keramikus iparművész honlapja


Important news!



You can order immediately the ceramics in the marketplace, but I only have pictures of the ceramics in the gallery, which already have been sold. If you are still interested in it, call me or send me an e-mail. 


The dimensions always have the following values: 

Width cm   x    Height   cm

If you have any questions about sizes, just ask me. I will help you.


In order to keep the quality of our ceramics as good as possible, you shouldn’t leave them outdoors in winter. I prepare the creamics with different glazes, which will react different to the weather. After the frost period it is safe to redecorate your garden with the ceramics. Of course, sunshine and rain will not damage the ceramics surface.



I glue the ceramics with commercial silicon to the wall or tile which is available in any hardware store. Until the silicone has hardend, I glue the ceramics with double-sided tape. This double protection is sufficient if the surface is really clean. This technic has the benefit that the ceramic can be removed easily and replaced with a new one too.





I am building my clocks with a reliable and quiet clock mechanism, which operates with an single 1,5V AA cell (LR6-AA). The delivery of the clocks is without battery.


The ceramics, which can be seen on this website (both the ceramics and the photographs) are entirely my own work and are protected by copyright. The use of content on this site is permitted only with source reference. A complete or partial copy of my work is forbidden and will be prosecuted.